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A Custom account is an account you establish to meet specific financial goals and is linked to your Primary account. The account offers the same capabilities you enjoy in your Primary account.

Your Custom account uses some of the information already supplied in your Primary account. You can create a customized name, such as "Vacation Fund," for the account. Select "Use my Primary E-mail Address" to use the e-mail address already supplied in your Primary account. You may provide different information if you wish.

After establishing a Custom account, if you wish to add any of the bank accounts listed in your Primary account, click the "Contact Us" link and provide the information. If you wish to add a new bank account, go to ManageDirect and click the Update my Bank Information link.

By clicking "Submit" you agree to the following:

  1. I understand that I am submitting an application for the establishment of a Custom account in TreasuryDirect.
  2. I understand that the terms and conditions contained in 31 CFR part 363 apply to this account.
  3. I certify that I am authorized to perform transactions for this account.
  4. I understand that I have agreed to accept Form 1099-Substitute electronically instead of on paper for every year a statement is furnished for this account.
  5. I certify that all information provided for this account establishment application, including the financial institution account information, is true, correct and complete.

HELPFUL HINT: You may provide a cell phone number in the Account Information section as your contact phone number for the Custom account.

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