Page Title: BuyDirect® for Marketables > Confirmation

What you can do on this page:

Your purchase request for a Marketable Security is complete. If you wish to view your pending purchase, just click the View/Delete a pending purchase/reinvestment text link on the page.

To delete a pending purchase or check auction information for a specific security (for discount, premium, or accrued interest information), you can access the View/Delete a pending purchase/reinvestment text link by selecting the ManageDirect® tab. Auction information is updated and available after 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Your selected Maturity and Interest Payment Destination(s) (if applicable) are displayed. You can edit the payment destination, as well as the number of reinvestments, from your Current Holdings > Summary after the security is issued.

Once the security has been auctioned and issued, you may view a complete list of your securities and Zero-Percent C of I in Current Holdings.


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