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You can view your current holdings (and any applicable status) for the marketable security type selected. Securities display the status of Pending Transfers if you have requested an External Transfer. If you have requested the partial transfer of a security, the status of the remaining portion of the security will be changed to Pending Action until the transaction has been completed. Pending Maturity status indicates that the security will mature within four business days. The Pending Interest Payment status indicates a payment is due to be sent within four business days. Pending Reinvestment indicates the security is maturing and the proceeds will be used to purchase a new security of the same type and term.

Pending Maturity and Pending Interest Payments are subject to a mandatory four-day Closed Book Period. During this time, no edits to the registration or payment destination(s) (as well as transfers) are permitted. No edits are permitted to a Pending Reinvestment once the maturing security enters its Closed Book Period (four business days prior to the maturity date) or the auction results for the succeeding security are announced, whichever is earlier. For more information, see Learn more about Transaction Restrictions.

If a security is not in a pending status, the number of remaining reinvestments for a security will display in the status column.

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