Page Title: BuyDirect® for Notes/Bonds/TIPS/FRNs

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This BuyDirect page lets you purchase Treasury Notes, Treasury Bonds, TIPS, or FRNs for your account, depending on the type of security chosen on the previous page. You may buy $10 million of each security type/term in a single auction. The purchase form is divided into four sections.

Section #1: Entity Registration Information - All securities in an entity account carry a registration identical to the entity account name.

Section #2: Purchase Information - Select your purchase from the listing of planned auctions, enter a purchase amount in increments of $100, and choose the source of funds (a bank or Zero-Percent C of I) you wish to use to pay for your purchase.

Section #3: Schedule Reinvestment - You can choose to schedule a one-time reinvestment of the security. If you use your bank to make the original purchase, your primary bank will be debited to satisfy any payment due on reinvestment or credited for any refund. If you use C of I for the purchase, your C of I will be debited or credited. See Learn more about Reinvesting Maturing Proceeds.

Section #4: Payment Destination - Select the payment destinations for your interest payments and last maturity payment. You may choose a bank or Zero-Percent C of I from the drop-down boxes.

You can also View recent auction results, Learn more about C of I, and Learn more about Purchase Limitations.

HELPFUL HINT: A review page and a confirmation page will display for this purchase.

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