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The Current Holdings page lets you see the total amount of your current holdings. You may see a summary of securities for each security type by selecting it from the list.

Zero-Percent C of I displays the total balance of your C of I, then the amounts available for security purchase and redemption. If you have purchased a C of I by debiting your financial institution within the past five business days, the amount available for redemption will display as $.00. This is necessary in the event your C of I purchase request is returned to us by your financial institution. Five business days following receipt of the debit purchase, your funds will once again be shown as available for redemption.

The radio button is inactive if you don't have any securities for a type listed.

You may Learn more about Transaction Restrictions and Learn more about C of I.

You may also go to C of I Redemption, C of I History, Pending Purchases and Reinvestments, or Linked accounts by selecting one of the links.

HELPFUL HINT: In Custom and Conversion accounts, the link for Linked accounts is not available.

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