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IRS Form 1099 provides you with important tax information that is also reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

For your convenience, we provide the printable IRS Form 1099 on or before January 31 of the selected tax year. This form complies with all Internal Revenue Service regulations. It includes entries, when applicable, that are reportable on Forms 1099-INT, 1099-B, and 1099-OID. We display our (the Payer's) Federal Identification Number. We also display the name and address of Account Holder, TreasuryDirect Account Number, and Taxpayer Identification Number. Any partial or full redemptions and/or transfers and interest/maturity payments are listed as reportable tax events for the selected tax year.

Totals for Interest, Amount, and Federal Income Tax Withheld are given, as well as tax filing instructions for each type of 1099 (when applicable). The Description of Security also includes the original Issue Confirmation Number. This information assists you in tracking transactions related to each security. For example, the form may display the same Issue Confirmation Number more than once, if there's more than one transaction for the same security. Some transactions may also appear as reportable tax events if a second-named registrant with granted Transact rights is the recipient of funds from a security held in your account. (Note: Transaction rights are not available in entity accounts.)

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