Payroll Savings

Payroll Savings is a safe and easy way to purchase Treasury securities on a regular basis.

1. TreasuryDirect Electronic Payroll Savings

With TreasuryDirect's convenient payroll direct deposit, choose the amount you want to withhold. The money will be deposited in your Certificate of Indebtedness (C of I) in your TreasuryDirect account. The funds in your C of I can be used to purchase your choice of electronic Treasury securities:

  • Treasury bills
  • Treasury notes
  • Treasury bonds
  • Series EE and Series I savings bonds
  • Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)
  • Floating Rate Notes (FRNs)

Individual account owners can now establish a Payroll Savings Plan and schedule automatic recurring purchases of electronic savings bonds. Funds from your payroll direct deposit result in the purchase of a Payroll Zero-Percent Certificate of Indebtedness (Payroll C of I), which earns no interest. Each time your Payroll C of I balance reaches the purchase amount you designate in your Payroll Savings Plan, a savings bond for that amount will be issued. See Learn more about the Payroll Savings Plan.

2. Payroll Savings for Paper Savings Bonds

Note: Treasury phased out the issuance of paper savings bonds through traditional employer-sponsored payroll savings plans as of January 1, 2011. See our FAQs.

Download "Buying Savings Bonds" (FS Publication 0023) for more information.