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Quotes from Teachers and Educators

"Everyone wins with Money Math! It is an excellent resource for middle school math teachers plus students learn necessary math and life skills. It is an interesting way to make personal financial literacy come alive and make math 'real'. I wish I had learned about money with Money Math when I was in school."
Dr. Janet E. Hawkes, Cornell University Educational Resources Program

"We are working very hard in our district to align the curriculum and to enrich it with real-life problem solving that is relevant to student's lives and needs. This looks like it will fit in very well."
Nola Gunderson, Menan, Idaho, Math Department Chair

"I have tried the first lesson--The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire--with my 7th and 8th grade students and they absolutely loved it. I did too."
Kim Roussel Rome, Geismar, Louisiana, Middle School Teacher

"Teaching personal finance is like teaching students how to use computers. In both cases, students learn by doing and in both cases, the subject has immediate relevance to their lives if taught effectively."
Dr. Lewis Mandell, University at Buffalo School of Management

"I taught all four lessons in my classroom; their realistic approach made my students think about their future goals. The lessons and their concepts inspired a dialogue between my students and their parents."
Tom Brann, Middle School Math Teacher, St. Louis, Missouri.